The ability to overcome security systems, from alarms to locks, falls under the auspices of this skill. This also includes knowledge of those systems and the ability to assess them. Characters with a high Burglary include burglars, private eyes, and even some security officers.

Overcome Obstacles [Burglary]

Burglary is really used for a single thing—to disable alarms and locks. Any time you wish to override a lock on a door or compartment, you use Burglary to make the attempt. Burglary gives your character the skill to override electronic locks and other security devices, as well as locks and bars of a more physical nature.

Burglary is also used for safecracking. The difficulty of any Burglary attempt is determined by the rating of the device you’re trying to get past. An ordinary foot locker is likely to have an Average (+ 1) or Fair (+ 2) lock, while a vault in an Intergalactic bank will have a Superb (+ 5) or better security system.

Assessment [Burglary]

Burglary can be used as a very specialized perception skill, specifically to assess the weaknesses and strengths of a potential target. Here, you’re trying to determine the existence of un-obvious or hidden aspects, using assessment. Casing a target with Burglary is limited to security facts, including potential escape routes.

Declaration [Burglary]

Burglary can also be used to make a declaration during the course of a burglary. Again, this utility is limited to security facts. You can identify the brand of ID pad used at a facility and declare the manufacturer’s particular security weakness, for example.

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