Artillery is the skill of using heavy weapons; these range from small portable types like mortars and grenade launchers all the way up to the massive cannon batteries equipped on military vessels. Any weapon larger than small arms is fired using the Artillery skill rather than the Guns skill. Characters with a high Artillery skill include ship gunners, soldiers, and bombardiers.

Assessment [Artillery]

The Artillery skill has limited use in assessment. You could use it to examine a battleground in advance of a conflict and determine the best places to put artillery pieces or to assess where an enemy might place their own. You might also assess the weak points in any defenses to determine the best place to strike them with an artillery shot.

Characters with the Artillery skill can also identify weapons by the gunports on a ship or identify what sort of heavy weapons caused burn scars or holes.

Declaration [Artillery]

As with assessment, Artillery can only be used in very specific circumstances to make a declaration. Artillerists can keep their weapons in good firing order and know about storage and care of munitions. The skill can be used to make declarations about where munitions might be stored in a new environment, the condition of an enemy’s weapons, the suitability of a particular piece of ordnance in a given environment, or other facts specific to heavy weapons.

Place Maneuver [Artillery]

In the heat of combat, Artillery can be used to place maneuvers on an opponent. In this case, the gunner is firing or aiming for effect, rather than trying to attack an opponent. Covering an opponent or getting him in your sights are appropriate maneuvers. Artillery can also be used in ship combat to force an opponent off course or to force him to make defensive maneuvers.

Attack [Artillery]

This is the main use of the Artillery skill. These weapons are designed to cause stress to large groups of people or big pieces of equipment. The Artillery skill is primarily used in ship-to-ship combat, and these guns are among the few things that can damage the opposing ship.

Many artillery pieces aren’t really designed to fire at personnel. Ship’s guns especially are designed to blast through ship armor, not fire at tiny individuals on the ground. Ship targeting systems won’t even register a single person as a target, making firing these weapons at people relatively difficult.

More details on weapon scale are in the Ships section.

Block [Artillery]

An expert artillerist can use the Artillery skill to set up a block by laying down suppressive fire—concentrating heavy fire in a single area and forcing an opponent to avoid it or take cover. This can be used to bombard a particular area and prevent people from moving through; in the context of a dogfight, you could prevent an opponent from moving in a direction you choose to block.

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