The Restoration Period

The Great Sith War, which ended roughly a decade ago, marked a devastating event that caused more damage than any conflict since the Great Hyperspace War occurred, hundreds of generations ago. The Jedi Order, greatly depleted, has reportedly turned inwards to heal itself, turning it’s back on a barely-standing Republic.

Pirates (including Slavers and Smugglers) amongst the stars is rampant. Nearly one quarter of the civilized worlds in the Republic have been devastated by the ongoing chaos, and most worlds have been left on their own to rebuild as the Republic’s resources, both military and economic, are dangerously low.

With the Republic itself still on the verge of collapse, a group of politicians have put into motion a series of events, in an attempt to restore the Republic to its prior strength. By guaranteeing the various Corporations throughout the galaxy safe passage and trade along the space lanes in exchange for commercial investment in the Republic’s infrastructure, the Republic will be able to rebuild its military and provide much-needed goods to the devastated people of the Galaxy.

Hyperspace explorers once again have begun scouting the galaxy in earnest, discovering newer and safer routes. Planets have slowly begun to rebuild, resuming commerce, and there seems that the Republic’s military might may be reestablished over time.

The enemies of the Republic are far from inactive during this time, however. The Sith, who have fled back to Korriban, bide their time and keep a low profile; while those who fled to the Unknown Regions, are said to practice their dark arts in secret. The primary allies of the Sith, the Mandalorians continue their nomadic existence, rebuilding their ranks and continuing the Mandalorian traditions.

Five millennia before the birth of Luke Skywalker and the fall of Palpatine’s Empire. . . the tale begins.

Fate of the Old Republic

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