Stunts and Refresh

Pick or invent three to five stunts. Determine how many fate points you start play with. Stunts change how skills work for your character. Picking and inventing stunts are covered in the Skills section.

You get three stunts for free, and you can take up to two more stunts at the cost of lowering your refresh by one each. (The gist is this: the more cool tricks you can do, the more you’ll need to accept compels to get fate points.)

Figuring out stunts can take a while, so you may want to pick one for now and determine the rest of them during play.

Adjusting Refresh
A player character in Fate starts with a refresh of 5. That means he’ll start each session off with at least 6 fate points. If you pick four stunts, your refresh is 5. If you pick five stunts, your refresh is 4 (each stunt costs 1 refresh). Also, remember your character’s species adjusts your starting refresh!

Stunts and Refresh

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