Extra: Lightsaber

Permission: Aspect
Cost: One aspect slot (for the permission aspect) and two stunts

The formal weapon of the Jedi and Sith. The weapon consists of a blade of pure plasma emitted from the hilt and suspended in a force containment field.

Besides the obvious combat advantages, you can invoke your lightsaber when attempting to cut through objects or other beings. But lightsabers come with a heavy burden, either to protect the innocent, or to enslave them. Be prepared for compels when that expectation causes complications for you, or when you are recognized by your weapon when such recognition can hinder your mission.

When you succeed with style on a Weapons DEFENSE against an opponent that is not wielding a lightsaber, you can choose to inflict a 2-shift hit rather than take a boost.

Lightsaber Forms
Part of the fun of playing with a lightsaber is choosing your lightsaber form. Every
Jedi is trained in the basics of fighting with a lightsaber (Form 1) and they all train in
an advanced form (or continue towards mastery of the first form), but few are adept
enough with them to warrant listing it as a stunt on their character sheet. Those who
do, have completely mastered their chosen form.

All of the following stunts require a lightsaber to be used.

• Form I: Shii-Cho. Gain a +2 bonus to Fighting rolls when creating a Disarmed-type
of aspect when targeting an opponentʼs weapon.

• Form II: Makashi. Gain a +2 bonus on Fighting rolls to create advantages or
defend against opponents wielding a lightsaber.

• Form III: Soresu. When you succeed on a Fighting roll to create a Defensive-type
of aspect, you gain an additional free invocation of that advantage.

• Form IV: Ataru. Gain a +2 bonus on Fighting attacks while invoking an advantage
or boost created by the Athletics skill.

• Form V: Djem-So. When you tie on a Fighting attack, gain a +2 bonus to Fighting.

• Form VI: Juyo. Gain a +2 bonus on Fighting attacks while invoking an advantage
or boost created by the Fighting skill.

• Form VII: Vaapad. (Requires Form VI: Juyo) Gain a +2 bonus on Fighting attacks
while invoking a consequence you placed on an opponent.


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