Galactic Republic

‘An alliance of planets and mega-corporations that value democracy, justice and freedom, the Galactic Republic has stood for over twenty thousand years. Ruled by a Senate comprised of delegates from all its member worlds and overseen by a Senate-appointed Supreme Chancellor, the Republic struggles to restore its former greatness in the wake of the Sith Empire’s invasion decades ago. Having emerged victorious in numerous conflicts in the past with the aid of its protectors in the Jedi Order, the Republic has no intention of allowing the Empire to consume the entire galaxy.’

The Galactic Republic was the ruling government of the galaxy that existed for more than 25 thousand years, until the establishment of the first Galactic Empire in 19 BBY. Throughout its existence, the state was commonly known as the Republic. For more than twenty thousand years, the Galactic Republic has been the most civilized and advanced power in the known galaxy. Governed by the Galactic Senate with representatives from hundreds of star systems and planets, the Republic has been the center of peace and progress, a bright beacon in the darkness of outer space.

The revered Jedi Order has sworn itself to defend the Republic, to battle the darkness, and to bring peace and balance to the greater galaxy. The Jedi have served for millennia in this capacity, and in that time they have earned themselves the admiration of their allies, and the hatred of their enemies.

The Republic itself was formed in 25,053 BBY when the first “Galactic Constitution” was signed on Coruscant, after the Corellian Hyperdrive connected many worlds in the Galactic Core. Whether this means that Coruscant was the original homeworld of humans or simply the most powerful world at the time is still up for debate, and there has been little said about the event other than that it occurred. The Republic is made up of several hundred thousand worlds.

Galactic Republic

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