Character Creation

The heroes all have at least one thing in common: they are, in some way, touched by greatness. This touch may be favoritism by the Force, an auspicious birth, or a burning drive to achieve immortality through the fame of one’s deeds. Whatever the case, the characters are a step above normal, everyday folk, and their backgrounds and histories reflect that, setting them apart from the rest.

This section will explain how to create your Old Republic character, and to clarify how that character will contribute to the narrative. A character can be created alone using these rules but that character will benefit much more if generated together with other players in a collaborative way.

Pick a Species
Check out the list of species, along with their respective species Aspects and Stunts, in the Player Character Species section. Choosing your species is a major decision. A Human is significantly different in tone and feel from a Wookiee, and both are significantly different from a Gamorrean or a Kel Dor. Different species have different role-playing implications based on their history and cultural norms. Your species shouldn’t be a straitjacket, however. While your species suggests certain Aspects, you’re by no means restricted to choosing from the list presented for your species; feel free to come up with your own aspects that are similar in nature or implied by the species write-up.


Pick 2 Species Aspects
Your aspects should give a sense of who your character really is. They describe her origins, the things that are important to her, aspects of her personality (like a bad temper or a strict code of honor), and so forth. Because aspects are so important in defining who your character is, we devote more time- and more structure- to coming up with aspects than we do for other parts of character creation. Choosing your aspects should be done before you choose your Skills or Stunts.

Choose two Species Aspects from the list presented with your species description, or create two Species Aspects of your own that stem from your species background. Choosing your species’s aspects costs NO Refresh.

Species Abilities
Your species also gives you access to some special abilities that DO change your starting Refresh, unlike Species Aspects. Adjust your refresh according to the cost listed next to the character’s species abilities, and note down the special powers you have based on your species. Your species is important once you start choosing or creating additional Aspects, as well.

David decides he’d like to be a Saurian. He chooses the Lidless Gaze and Powerful Body racial Aspects. The base Saurian racial package costs –4, giving him the Heat Sense, Poison Bite, Cold-Blooded and Claws and Fangs racial abilities. He notes that his adjusted Refresh rate is 3.

Character Background
While your species defines your character to a certain extent, nature only extends so far before nurture kicks in. Your character’s personal past- the events and people that got her where she is today- is far more important than her species background and therefore generates more aspects.

Create four aspects based on your character’s background. If you need some help thinking about your character’s background, follow these steps:

     • Write a short paragraph or a series of bullet points describing the events of each background phase (think in terms of allocating no more than five minutes for this each time and less is fine). star-wars-the-old-republic-20120503094713804.jpg

     • In turn, read each phase aloud to the other players. This is important, as it helps the other players learn about your character at the same time that you do.

     • Select one Aspect, derived from the written paragraph of the phase. These Aspects can literally be phrases pulled straight from the paragraph or new phrases that are drawn from the tale and illustrate something about the character.

This can be done individually, or as a consultative process with the group round the table. Once selected, everyone should read out their derived Aspect. You’ll find that there is plenty of fiddling with Aspects at this point, getting them just right. Have fun with it and don’t get too stuck on procedure. Your core objective is to come up with highly usable Aspects, so listening to the table and how they respond to your ideas can often yield exciting results. This will help shape what you put on your character sheet.

Repeat for each of the phases, until each character has a number of Aspects equal to the number of background phases. Remember, the above doesn’t mean that you should give up on a really cool idea; in fact, if you have something unique in mind for your character, work with the rest of the group to make it happen in a way that complements their characters’ stories, rather than limiting them.

The Phase Trio
Describe your character’s first adventure. Describe how you’ve crossed paths with two other characters. Write down one aspect for each of these three experiences.

Important: Before moving on to this step, you need to have figured out your high concept, trouble, and name.

The three remaining aspects on your character are made in phases, together called the phase trio. The first phase is about recent background: something you did that’s interesting and adventurous. The second and third are about how the other player characters got involved in that adventure, and how you got involved in theirs.

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Character Creation

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